The Variant apps are a new series of generative audiovisual artworks from Interval Studios featuring visuals by Joshue Ott and music by Kenneth Kirschner. Each of the apps features a unique visual composition, a new indeterminate musical composition, and a different and distinct approach to user interaction. All of the Variants are generative artworks that bring together chance and interactivity to create an ever-changing, ever-evolving audiovisual experience. The following variants are currently available, with more coming soon:

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variant:flare is an experiment in minimalist interactivity for a complex system, in which the user observes a generative visual experience while influencing its evolution solely through subtle musical interactions.

variant:blue combines indeterminate music that evolves autonomously with lines drawn by the user to create emergent visual complexity.

variant:SONiC couples the digitally transformed sounds of the 2015 SONiC Festival’s performers with tightly integrated visuals and a tactile, highly responsive approach to interactivity.

variant:cascade is a generative audiovisual artwork designed specifically for the 3D Touch sensor on the iPhone 6s, in which increased pressure on the phone’s screen intensifies and transforms the visual and musical experience.

The Variant series has been developed through a residency at the arts & technology organization Eyebeam.