"Thicket. Thats all i have to say. If you have an ipad, download it."
- Jad Abumrad, host of NPR's Radiolab

Thicket is an audiovisual playground that allows anyone to create beautiful sounds and pictures from simple finger touches. For users of all ages, this generative art and sound app immerses you in song-like audiovisual pieces called modes. When “playing” a mode, you both react to and create the music and graphics that you experience. Each mode is its own art generator, interactive toy, musical instrument, even performance tool depending on how you use it. And with new modes to be developed and released every few months, Thicket functions an expandable platform in the exciting new genre of handheld interactive art.

Best Generative Art App (Best App Ever awards).

support email: thicket@intervalstudios.com

check out videos of the separate Thicket modes below:


Cut Whispers:





Scary Ugly